Technical Team

Donald J. McDowell, PLS

Consultant for Exploration and Project Management

Don McDowell is a consultant to the Pershing Resources on exploration strategy and project management. Mr. McDowell has over 30 years of geological exploration, property evaluation, and development experience primarily focused in the mineral exploration industry in Nevada.  Since 2008, Don has served as the founding President of Americas Gold Exploration Inc., a private company dedicated to Nevada mineral exploration.  In late 2017, he was instrumental in the acquisition of the Carlin Vanadium Property by Cornerstone Metals, as well as, having established ongoing joint ventures on major advanced exploration and development stage copper-gold projects in the Carlin, Eureka and Battle Mountain districts of Nevada with  Barrick, McEwen Mining and Timberline Resources. He is a director on the board of Timberline Resources, (OTCQB: TLRS; TSX-V: TBR). Previously, Don’s experience includes 17 years with major corporations including Nippon Mining of Japan, Santa Fe Pacific Gold and Kennecott Exploration, where he was involved in exploration, resource/reserve evaluations and mine development. Mr. McDowell is a registered professional land surveyor in the state of California and has proven exploration and development expertise in advancing gold and copper projects.

Nicholas R. Barr

Consulting Geologist, New Enterprise, Mohave-Standard & Gold Lake Projects

Nick Barr is independent consultant with over 30 years of experience as a geologist working with numerous public and private junior level mining companies in the exploration of precious and base metals. He is currently President of N. Barr and Associates and has worked for or contracted with companies such as, Cambior Exploration, Great Western, Sage Gold, Ashworth Exploration, and Fischer Watt Gold, among others. His work has focused on investigation and identification of oxide copper deposits, gold deposits and placers massive sulfides, uranium, chromite, industrial minerals, primarily in Arizona, Nevada, California, Idaho, Utah and Oregon.

Mr. Barr has extensive experience and expertise in target generation, claim staking, permitting, surface and underground mapping, soil, mobile metallic ion and bio-geochemical sampling and supervision of rotary and core drilling and reclamation. As well as, permitting for underground and rehab work and exploration planning.

He has a strong personal interest in gold exploration and junior mine development. As a private contractor Nick has owned and operated track-mount drills and managed crews for exploration service companies. He has authored NI 43-101 compliant reports and is active in identifying and evaluating mineral properties in the western US, and managing crews for all phases of mineral exploration. He is current on MSHA underground training current as of 2016.

Mr. Barr holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Southern Oregon State University, Ashland, Oregon.

Byron T. Arnason MS

Consulting Geophysicist- Marco Project

Byron Arnason is a geophysicist who commands the skills of field data acquisition and analysis. He is also highly experienced in engineering the design, development, and manufacture of analog and digital geophysical instruments and the application of mathematical and wave physics theory in geophysical exploration and digital signal processing He has been involved in exploration and targeting of mineral, oil, and gas deposits for the past 25 years. Mr. Arnason began his career as a geophysicist, with Mobil Oil Corporation where he was engaged in seismic reflection, refraction, gravity, surveying and magnetics and managed exploration for both domestic and foreign operations.

As an engineer he has driven the development of sensitive, rugged and accurate geophysical instruments and has applied those capabilities to the exploration of underground structures, minerals deposits, and geothermal resources. Mr Aranason holds a US Patent for Geophysical Prospecting with Collimated Magneto-telluric Fields, that he markets as an electro-magnetic passive-source geophysical study” also known as a TIPPER Study He has held research and development positions at Geotronics, ASOMA Instruments, LaCoste & Romberg and, L&R Instruments.Currently, Mr.Arnason is President of Jumbo Nevada Inc,.a junior exploration and mining company which owns the Jumbo Mine in Northern Nevada. He also serves as Treasurer of GAMMAG Inc. and is a partner Nevada Trends Exploration LLC.

Mr. Arnason has a Bachelor of Science in Physics (1977) and a Masters degree in Exploration Geophysics from Stanford University and was the recipient of a Wright Geophysical Fellowship and the Blumenthal Engineering Award. He is also a published author and has written articles for the, Journal of Comparative Psychology and the Acoustical Society of America.

William B. Earnshaw

Consultant- Milling and Extraction Processing New Enterprise, Marco & Gold Lake

Bill Earnshaw is the Company’s milling and extraction consultant, on the New Enterprise, Marco and, Gold Lake Projects. Mr. Earnshaw has been a designer and innovator of extraction methods and refining techniques in precious metals recovery for the bulk of his 37 years in mining. He has responsible for substantial work on devising and establishing extraction and recovery methodologies on ore from Pershing Resources current properties. He started his career in a small gold refinery in Carson City, Nevada, where he learned the basic principles of extraction and recovery techniques and moved on to work on numerous projects in the US and South America. In 1984, he developed and built portable, hydraulically driven placer plants to make placer mining more accessible to the small miner. In 2002, he developed a hydrogen fire assay and successfully extracted precious metals that were not found in chemical or standard fire assays methods. This work led him to focus more efficient commercial recovery techniques. He formed Simple Recovery Inc. in 2003 to pursue this work. He has since researched, developed and scaled up many methods to increase recovery rates on complex ores. Mr. Earnshaw has also pioneered the use of environmental/green innovations and cost effective practices in the mining and milling operations he has developed. Pershing Resources purchased Simple Recovery in May of 2015.