Pershing Resources Company is a venture stage junior miner, focused on the exploration and development of precious metals projects located in North America. The Company is based in Reno, Nevada and, has a development facility near Kingman, Arizona.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is built on three basic components;

  1. The acquisition of U.S. domestic properties near mines with historical precious metals production,
  2. The development of high tonnage projects on commercially viable grades of precious metals with proximity to historical occurrences and,
  3. The application of leading-edge technologies to develop efficient and environmentally favorable extraction and recovery processes.

This three-tier strategy along with our focus on technological innovation and prudent financial risk taking supports our short and long term goals of profitability and growing shareholder value through expansion.

Supplemental to our overall strategy and to achieve our goals, we are focused on five key attributes:

  • Pursuit of quality growth
  • Maintaining low cash costs
  • Following prudent financial and fiduciary practices
  • Establishing and building a strong balance sheet
  • Conducting business in a responsible manner


The Company's current assets include four 100% owned properties with exploration projects in progress. The largest being 231 unpatented claims on a site totaling 4772 acres near Kingman, Arizona known as the New Enterprise Project. The New Enterprise Project is a gold-copper porphyry project comprised of two exploration areas. The New Enterprise Claim Block was initially acquired in 2015 and the Mohave-Standard Claim Block which was staked in 2016. These two claim blocks are the primary focus of the Company. The Company's Gold Lake Project is comprised of 2 claims totaling 40 acres also near Kingman, Arizona.The Company began its mining project portfolio with the acquisition of its Marco Project in 2004. The Marco Project is comprised of 54 unpatented claims on a 1115-acre site near Lovelock Nevada.

Pershing Resources has recently begun to build its gold exploration portfolio with Joint Venture Investments. The Company has acquired the exclusive earn in rights of two projects managed by our strategic alliance partner, America's Gold Exploration Inc. The West Bolo Project is comprised of 81 unpatented claims on a 1673-acre site located in Nye County, Nevada. The Tonopah SIN Project is presently comprised of 20 unpatented claims on a 413-acre site located in Esmeralda County, Nevada. Both of these properties are strategically situated in areas of active gold exploration.

Federal and county claims documentation on all of the properties mentioned is current and in good standing. All of the properties have been previously mined and have been more recently re-assayed and explored for possible target areas for new mining. The Company is presently in various stages of exploration, planning, and development on each these properties. Pershing Resources is committed to environmentally responsible mining practices and, we believe, is positioned to deliver sustained growth and performance for years to come.