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In early 2004 Pershing Resources acquired the rights to 44 mining claims located in Nevada. The company and the previous owners have done extensive work on the project identifying targets and preparing for potential production. The proximity of this project to historical precious metals production is consistent with the companies stated objective found in our mission statement.

The property (Marco’es Gold Project) is located in the Trinity Mining District of Pershing County, Nevada, approximately 110 miles north by northeast of Reno. The closest active town is Lovelock, Nevada, a small rural ranching community located 97 miles east of Reno on Interstate 80.  The Marco’es Gold Project is located approximately 14 road miles from this community, 10 of which are improved bitumen roads, with the last four being typical dirt-dust desert roads.

For an account of the mining history of the area, please refer to Geology and Mineral Deposits of Pershing County, Nevada, Bulletin 89, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, 1977. More Specifically pages 96 and 97 discuss the Trinity District of Pershing County. Several old gold/silver mines are located in the upper part of Trinity Canyon, on the east flank of the range. These mines include the Evening Star, Lucky Boy, Mazuma, Morning Star, and Steiner.

Historical Field Work Review

 Field work began in 1988 on the Josephine and Marcos block of claims. Since that time 15 drill holes have been sunk on the property using UDR and Reverse Circulation methods. In addition, since 1988, over $300,000 has been spent on ore body analysis, trenching and drilling.

 The following pictures are representative of the work that has been done over the years on the “Marcos” claims.