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"PSGR", Pershing Resources Company, Inc            

Company News and Press Releases From Other Sources:

Plasma Test Results
June 2014
Test Results
May 9, 2014
Corporate Update
September 4, 2013
Corporate Update DTD
April 17, 2013
Corporate Update
April 15, 2013

Corporate Update
April 9, 2013
Corporate Update
April 1, 2013
Corporate Update
March 22, 2012
Production Update
May 24, 2011
Delivery of Ore to Pele facility
Jan 2011
Rare Earth
Jan 2011
2010 Year End Update
Dec 20. 2010
Joint Venture Update
April 12, 2010
2010 Pershing Resources Update
Dec 29, 2009
XTCI Announces Drilling and Testing Results
Apr 7 2004 2:00PM ET
Xenolix Announces Corporate Developments
Apr 1 2004 5:32PM ET
Xenolix Completes Asset Acquisition
Mar 25 2004 5:00PM ET
Xenolix Receives Preliminary Test Results on Gulf Dragon Property
Mar 18 2004 5:32PM ET
Xenolix Technologies Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Assets of Gulf Dragon LLC
Mar 11 2004 5:00PM ET
Franklin Lake Resources Announces Settlement of Dispute with Xenolix Technologies
Feb 6 2004 7:30PM ET
Xenolix Technologies, Inc. Announces Agreement with Franklin Lake Resources, Inc.
Jan 29 2004 10:30AM ET
Xenolix Technologies, Inc. Announces Changes in Officers and Directors
Jan 28 2004 5:24PM ET
Xenolix Technologies, Inc. Announces Board Realignment and New Location of Corporate Offices
Jan 23 2004 11:47AM ET