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Daniel Wright - President and CEO
Mr. Wright has been involved in the mining industry since 1965. He has worked as an independent miner and for corporations such as Atlas Minerals and Union Carbide. After serving our county in Vietnam for two years he returned to civilian life and began to focus attention on the analytical aspects of mining various types of ore found in northern Nevada. In 2004 he joined Pershing Resources and has been developing extraction and production protocols for our Marcos Project.


Stephen D. Plumb, Chairman,  CFO
Mr. Plumb is a past Director of MG Natural Resources. He has been in the field of public accounting for the last 30 years, first as a sole proprietor and then as a principal in a large local firm. Steve has been involved with taxes and consulting to all types of businesses for his entire career. Mr. Plumb is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Michigan Association of Public Accountants, and is a member of the State Bar of Michigan.


Dr. Jack Ruckman, Director
Over the years Dr. Ruckman has served a wide variety of clients performing an even wider variety of technical services. In almost all cases, this service was enhanced by his ability to perform appropriate analyses. Some of his clients include:

Kennecott Copper US Steel Chevron US Chevron Research
Fibertek Equity Resources Joe Morris Gold Phillips Petroleum
Proler International HyMet American Consolidated Barrick Mercur
Gary Operating Co. Husky Oil Huish Chemical Interstate Brick
Mountain Fuel Supply Kimberly-Clark Mapco, Inc. E.A. Miller & Son
Northwest Pipeline Natures Herbs Northwest Ball Mill Powerup. Inc.
Duel Fuels, Inc. Barber-Greene Continental Lime Ekotek
Unisine Technologies Argus Tech Amoco Productions Co Darenco, Inc.
Plateau, Inc Shell Oil Co. Air Products Steel Brothers Canada
Union Carbide Utah power Winnebage Montana Bureau Mines
Images International Westinghouse Varian Corp Brusco Corporation
RB Gold and Mineral Bodine Sound Drive Caribou Oil BHP Nevada Mining
Placer Dome Nevada Mining Assoc City of Elko City of Wendover

He has helped to invent testing and operating equipment, a gasoline/propane carburetor, hydrogen production and storage mechanisms, gold beneficiation equipment, personal care products, tire gasification units, metal separation systems, a capsule making machine, rapid dissolution system for precious metals, gold recovery system, energy conservancy system, and analytical equipment. He helped to bring about needed changes in State accepted testing protocol and wrote the accepted procedure. He has been instrumental in bringing about significant changes in the State of Nevada Laboratory Certification Program and helped to revise the Nevada Administrative Code to legally incorporate those changes.

Dr. Ruckman has first-hand experience with many types of sophisticated analytical instrumentation including: Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption, Gas Chromatography, Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, Inductively Couple Plasma Emission Spectrometry, Inductively Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectrometry, Infrared Spectrometry, UV/VIS Spectrometry, Direct Current Plasma Emission Spectrometry, and Nuclear magnetic Resonance.

He is a team player and a dedicated leader. He works will with people and they produce well under his tutelage.

He has presented many technical papers, and continues to teach classes of all kinds; including technical subjects, ecclesiastical subjects, teaching teachers, and home education groups. As a hobby he assists with authoring home study units for science and math.

Dr. Stephen V  Savran MD, Director


Dr. Savran has been involved in the Marcos Project since 1989. He was instrumental in procuring the capital formation necessary to begin drilling and core sampling and has served as a trusted advisor to the company since 2004. We are pleased he has accepted a Directorship position on our Board.




Daniel Wright, President and CEO.